New Service for Single-Family Home

To get water and/ or sewer service from Woodinville Water District an existing water/ sewer main needs to cross the entire length of the property and you must meet the maximum distances allowed between the District meter/ sewer cleanout in the right of way to the house. 

Maximum Distance Allowed for Private Service Lines Diagram (PDF)

  1. Water Service
  2. Sewer Service

If your home requires fire sprinklers from the Fire Marshal you must install a backflow device (water standard plan no. 21) behind the District meter.  Follow water standard plan no. 14B for a dual purpose domestic and fire service connection.  The District will lock the meter at installation until you call the District and provide an approved inspection report.  It is your responsibility to have the backflow device tested.

Completed applications and fees must be submitted prior to Installation of a water meter. 


Contact the district for cost for services. 


The General Information Form for Residential Water Service must be read and acknowledged and submitted with application for service. 

New Service Application form.