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General Information Form For Residential Water Meters

  1. This form outlines the process that will need to occur for you to obtain water service from the Woodinville Water District.

    1. The property owner will need to submit a completed application form along with a check payable to the Woodinville Water District for the applicable meter setting fees (MSF). The District’s Engineering Department will advise you of the total amount due with your application form. The MSF consists of the following parts: • Full Set Deposit – is the deposit paid to the District to go into the street to locate the water main and make a physical connection. The service line is then brought over to the property line and a meter placed. This cost varies depending on the length of the service line and complexity of the construction necessary to make the connection to the water main. • Drop in Fee – is applicable when the water line from the street to the property line already exists. It is that part of the fee that purchases the water meter and compensates the District for staff to place the meter and assure that all systems are functioning. • System Development Charge (SDC): The SDC is based on meter size and is established by Resolution. It is the fee the District charges to a new customer to establish parity with existing customers. Current customers have paid for water system improvements through their past water rates. This fee includes the Seattle Public Utilities Facility Charge. • Seattle Public Utility Facilities Charge (SFC): The Facilities Charge is based on meter size. The fee established/ adopted by the Seattle City Council resulting from the Operating Board’s decision on cost allocation for the regional conservation program. It is a fee collected by the District from new customer or a customer that has chosen to upsize their meter and is then paid to Seattle Public Utility (SPU). • Latecomer Fee or Local Facilities Charge – if applicable. These are costs against the property for work previously done by someone else in the placement of a water main. You will need to contact the Engineering Department to determine whether Latecomer Fees or Local Facilities Charges apply to your property.

    2. In most of the newer developments, including large subdivisions and many of the newer short plats, the developer has already installed water service lines to your property line. Often, you can determine whether there is a water service line if there is a black plastic pipe sticking out of the ground in front of your property at the road. If this water line is already there, your fee will most likely be the Drop-In and SDC fees. If the water service line is not present, your final Meter Setting Fee will be based on the actual time and materials cost, and will be paid from the Deposit. In some cases, especially when we have to cross a roadway to bring water from the main to your property, the final actual cost may be close to or even higher than the Deposit, and the District will bill you for any balance due. If a Full Set is required, we recommend that you place a stake at your property line at your proposed water meter location. Please contact the District's Engineering Department to confirm whether the Drop-in Fee or the Full Set Fee Deposit will apply to your property.

    3. Upon receipt of your application form and payment, the District will deposit your payment, prepare a work order and we will begin making arrangements to install the water meter. Normally, the District will install the meter within 2 to 4 weeks following receipt of your application and payment. However, based on District work load (i.e., staff availability, other priority maintenance activities, earlier meter applications, and emergencies), as well as external delays such as issuance of permits by other agencies and availability of materials and supplies, the actual time frame for meter installation could be longer.

    4. If your meter requires a "Full Set", the District is required to order a right-of-way permit from either King County or the City of Woodinville, depending on your property location. The District cannot schedule installation of the service until the permit has been issued. On average, King County issues these permits within 2 to 3 days, and the City of Woodinville issues permits within 2 to 3 weeks. In rare cases, other permits may be required, and the District will obtain these permits when needed.

    5. After we receive the right-of-way permit, we will schedule the work, and order utility locates from the Underground Utility Locating Company. Utility locates are required by state law, and we cannot install the meter until the other underground utilities have been located. Utility locates take about 2 to 4 days from the time we order the locate request until the locates have been completed at the work site.

    6. If your property has a well, the District will require you to physically disconnect the well from the domestic water system and install an approved backflow prevention device on your side of the water meter to avoid a cross contamination from your well to the public water supply. The District will inspect the disconnection and the backflow prevention device before activating your new water meter.

    7. As stated above, Full Set Meter installations are performed on an actual time and materials basis, and those charges are paid from your deposit. The District will track all costs associated with your installation, including, but not limited to labor, materials, equipment, and permit and inspection fees. Our final cost accounting may not be completed until approximately 3 to 4 months after the meter has actually been installed. This delay is due, in part, to our requirement to wait for final right-of-way inspection and billing by the City of Woodinville or King County. When the final cost accounting has been completed, the District will refund any overpayment to the applicant, or bill the applicant for any additional balance due.

    8. Please plan ahead. Often property owners or builders wait until the last minute before ordering their water meters, only to find out that it may be weeks before the water is available. If you help us by planning ahead, we can help you by installing the meter when you need it. Keep in mind that we schedule meter installations on a first-come, first-served basis, and we know that you would not appreciate if a later applicant asked us to delay your installation by installing their meter first. Please do not ask us to delay someone else's meter because you waited until the last minute.

    9. If you have any questions concerning the water meter application process or the status of your application, please call Marci Chew, Senior Engineering Technician at (425) 487-4122 or reach her by e-mail at
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