Standard Specifications

2020 Standard Specifications

Resolution Number 3982 authorizes the updated Standard Specifications for all new Water and Sewer Developer Extensions submitted after April 20, 2021

Water and Sewer General Provisions

Water Details

  2. Water General Notes (PDF)
  3. WWD STD 1 Connection Requirements (PDF)
  4. WWD STD 10 Relocate Existing Fire Hydrant (PDF)
  5. WWD STD 11 Air Release Assembly (PDF)
  6. WWD STD 12 Blow-off Assembly (PDF)
  7. WWD STD 13 Single Family Service Installation (PDF)
  8. WWD STD 13B Single Family Service Reconnection (PDF)
  9. WWD STD 13M 1-inch Poly Service Material List (PDF)
  10. WWD STD 14 1-inch Single Family Residential Fire or Irrigation Service Connection (PDF)
  11. WWD STD 14B 1-inch Single Family Dual Purpose Domestic and Fire Service Connection (PDF)
  12. WWD STD 15 Single Family Residence W - Auxiliary Water Supply (PDF)
  13. WWD STD 16 1-inch Commercial Service Connection (PDF)
  14. WWD STD 17 1.5 and 2-Inch Commercial Service Connection (PDF)
  15. WWD STD 17B Single Family 1.5-inch Diameter Service Installation (PDF)
  16. WWD STD 18 3 and 4-inch Water Meter Installations (PDF)
  17. WWD STD 19 2-inch and Smaller Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (PDF)
  18. WWD STD 2 Pipe and Fitting Restraint Requirements (PDF)
  19. WWD STD 20 2.5-inch and Larger Reduced Pressure E Backflow Assembly (PDF)
  20. WWD STD 21 Double Check Valve Assembly 2-Inch and Smaller (PDF)
  21. WWD STD 22 2.5-Inch and Larger Doub Le Check Valve Assembly (PDF)
  22. WWD STD 23 Valve Marker Posts (PDF)
  23. WWD STD 24 Casing Detail (PDF)
  24. WWD STD 25 Fire Sprinkler Service Connection (PDF)
  25. WWD STD 25A Fire Sprinkler Vault (PDF)
  26. WWD STD 26 Pressure Reducing Valve Station (PDF)
  27. WWD STD 26B Pressure Reducing Valve Station Details (PDF)
  28. WWD STD 26C Pressure Reducing Valve Station Notes (PDF)
  29. WWD STD 27 Trench Dam Detail (PDF)
  30. WWD STD 3 Thrust Blocking Requirements (PDF)
  31. WWD STD 4 Vertical Blocking Restraint Requirements (PDF)
  32. WWD STD 5 Pipe Anchor - Slope Retainer (PDF)
  33. WWD STD 6 Valve Box Installation (PDF)
  34. WWD STD 6B Valve Box Adjustment in Asphalt Overlay (PDF)
  35. WWD STD 7 Typical Longitudinal Trench Section (PDF)
  36. WWD STD 7A Typical Transverse Trench Section (PDF)
  37. WWD STD 8 Trench Pavement and Surface Restoration (PDF)
  38. WWD STD 9C Deep Fire Hydrant Installation (PDF)
  40. WWD STD 9A New Fire Hydrant Installation (PDF)
  41. WWD STD 9B New and Relocated Fire Hydrant Details (PDF)