Why is my water discolored?
  • There are many reasons for discoloration. One of the most common problems is the need to flush the hot water tank.
    • Sediment settles in the bottom of the tank and should be flushed out annually. This will help with discolored water that is generally noticed in the bath tub. It will also improve the longevity of your hot water tank. So, if your hot water is discolored and the cold water is clear, this may be a simple solution to your problem. Flushing instructions are available at the District office.
  • Another common cause of discoloration could be a dead-end main line serving your home. This would be noticed in the cold water.
    • The same sediment that ends up in your hot water tank also comes to rest in the bottom of the main line and, even more so, in dead ends. If you think this problem is occurring, contact the District office. We have ability to flush sediment from the dead ends. All dead end lines will need this service on occasion.
  • Construction activity in your neighborhood may cause discoloration. This problem occurs from a broken water line or fire hydrant usage.
    • Anything that causes the water to flow at a higher velocity than normal can stir up the sediment which may result in discoloration.
    • After a main repair or shut down, the field crew takes great efforts to flush the sediment from the line to insure clear water at your tap.
  • Its important to realize that even though your water is discolored, it is still safe to drink.

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