What is a cross connection?

A link between your drinking water system and a source of contamination, a way for "bad stuff" to get into your good clean drinking water.

The term cross connection means any actual or potential connection (piping/hose) between a public water system and a source of contamination.

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1. What is a cross connection?
2. What is Backflow?
3. What are common examples of cross connection hazards (source of contamination) that need to be protected with a backflow preventer?
4. Why is a backflow preventer necessary?
5. What is the legal basis for a local cross connection control program?
6. Do I currently have adequate backflow protection? And, how can I find out?
7. What is my liability as a building owner property manager and water purveyor?
8. What are types of backflow protection?
9. How often do backflow assemblies have to be tested?
10. Who can test the backflow assembly?
11. What to do if my backflow assembly fails the annual test?