Locate Your Water Line

We are frequently called by customers asking us where their water line is located on their property. Woodinville Water District owns and maintains the water mains in the street and the water lines from the main to the meter. The meter is usually located in the easement area between your house and your neighbor’s house near the street. The builder of your home is responsible for installation of water lines from the meter to your home. The water district does not go on private property to repair lines as the lines are installed and owned by the builder/homeowner.

Call Before You Dig

Whenever the district needs to do excavation work, we call the "One Call System." This is a private company that will call all the other utilities in the area. The other utilities, usually Washington Natural Gas, Puget Power, the telephone company and the cable company will go to the address requested of us and locate their underground lines. This practice enables us to do our excavations without damaging someone else’s service lines. The other utility companies will mark the underground lines to the house as they do install lines on private property and their meter is generally on the house.

This service is available to anyone that is doing an excavation. The utility that receives the locate request pays for the service. We recommend homeowners call this service anytime they are digging on their property. The phone number for the One Call System is 800-424-5555. You need to provide 48 hours notice before you need to dig. If you need locates faster than 48 hours, you may be charged for the locating by any one or all of the utilities.

Remember, call 800-424-5555 before you dig for locates.

Marks in the Easement Area Near Your Property

If you notice multi-colored marks in the easement area near your property, you can expect there will be some kind of improvement or repair scheduled by a utility. Each utility uses a different color paint when they are locating. Gas lines are yellow, power is red, phone and t.v. cable are orange, water is blue, and sewer is green.